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Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories has developed the perfect formula in understanding key market design for launching a custom private label hair care product line.  This formula includes skin care science along with innovation, quality and product performance.  Emerging Brands or Tenured Brands can rely on ACRL to offer flexible solutions with reference to launching a custom private label hair care product line worldwide. 


Our turnkey service allows start-up brands to focus on growing their private label hair care product online or via brick-and-mortars instead of sourcing and storing bottle components.  ACRL prides itself on the ability to compete for your business with cost-effective solutions from turnkey bottle components to your finished good cost.  While ACRL have grown to become a Full Service Contract Manufacturer, we specialize in scaling-up Emerging and National Brands with our 350,000 Gallon monthly capacity.


Our trained chemists are masters in developing superior products in keeping up with the expanding market.  We continue to strive to provide new ideas and concepts to stay ahead of the changing trends. 


Part of the Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories advantage is guaranteed success.


Daily Care




Smooth / Anti Frizz

Sulfate Free and Paraben Free Systems

Scalp Care

Styling Gels


Natural / Organic

Curl Enhancement

Ethnic Hair Care and styling

Smoothing Systems (Formaldehyde free)

Hot Fill Pomades

Thermal Protection

Shine Products

Hair Spray (Non aerosol)


Whether you start with one hero product or a full line of hair care products, ACRL will guide you through the process.  

Advanced Cosmetic Research Labs is a custom private label cosmetic hair care manufacturer located in Chatsworth, Ca. USA.  To get started, please email marketing@advancedcosmeticlabs.com and one of our Contract Manufacturing Representative will connect with you shortly.  FDA registered Contract Manufacturer.  Established in 1976 and continues to be family owned and operated. 

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